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Floor cleaning services in Tulsa
Floor care service in Tulsa | Elite Cleaning


Floor Cleaning services Tulsa

Bring Life Back To Your Floors 

   Dirt and grime compromise the finish and appearance of your floors, giving them an unprofessional look. If left in place, dirt and debris coupled with friction from foot traffic can cause permanent scratches and chips, which are unattractive and unsafe. Keep your floors clean and increase their lifespan with professional floor cleaning from the Elite Cleaning Floor care professionals. 

   Elite Floor Cleaning Services in Tulsa can handle even the dirtiest of floors, so before you think all hope is lost with your current flooring, give us a call and let us take a look to see if we can bring them back to life. With many years of floor cleaning experience, our professional floor cleaning team has a proven process in bringing life back to floors that others have given up on. Allowing us to clean your floors could be extremely cost effective for you and your business as cleaning could be a fraction of the cost of replacing with new flooring.     

How Elite Floor Cleaning Services Can Help You 

Floor cleaning services in Tulsa

   With regular floor cleaning services like monthly buffing and annual Strip & Waxing, your floors will look their best and be protected from everyday wear and tear. Elite Cleaning is a full service Cleaning provider meaning the Elite team can handle all of your cleaning service needs without having to reach out to other companies for other specific cleaning needs. We provide Commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor care cleaning, window cleaning, disinfecting and more. Wouldn't it be nice to have one company that can perform all of the cleaning services that you need, if that sounds good to you give Elite Cleaning a call today!       


  • Hard Scrub & Re-waxing Services

  • Stripping and Waxing Services

  • Monthly Buffing Services

  • Post Construction Clean-Up: Polish Floors

  • Customized Floor Maintenance Programs

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