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The trusted janitorial service in Tulsa

We know in order to exceed expectations we must employ elite commercial cleaning team members that share the same core values that we do. As a customer, you deserve the peace of mind that the person cleaning your place of  business is dependable, trustworthy and understands the expectations of the customer. Below you will see some information as to what our hiring process consists of. We share this because we believe in our system and it works. 

  • Potential candidates complete a pre screen application. If the candidate has a good work history and shows the heart of serving others then we proceed with our full application process and schedule the in-person interview. 

  • During the in-person interview we assess their interpersonal skills, professionalism, cleaning proficiency, and really just get to know them. We want to get a good feel for someone and see what they are about. We at Elite want to make sure that our staff embodies professionalism and kindness and can truly deliver a service that is Elite.

  • Next we perform an in depth background check. We make sure our janitorial service team members have a clean background before proceeding any further as this is of utmost importance. 

  • If at this time we feel comfortable and know this person is a good candidate, we move forward to the orientation portion of the hiring process.

  • During orientation, we and a supervisor meet one on one with the new hire to review our detailed policies and procedures for proper client interaction, locking up and proper securing of facilities, janitorial cleaning procedures and more.  

Want to join the Elite Team? 

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