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Disinfecting service in Tulsa | Elite Cleaning


Flu and Covid-19 disinfecting services in Tulsa

The Elite Disinfecting Process  

Flu and Covid disinfecting services

Our disinfecting process includes deep cleaning of all areas and surfaces which includes the normal dusting, cleaning, wiping, sweeping and mopping. Then we will come back through and disinfect the specified areas. Our Flu and Covid disinfecting process consists of us using our electrostatic sprayer to coat the specified areas with a mist that has a wrapping effect when sprayed to have better coverage on desired items and also allows proper dwell times to be met so that the most effective disinfecting is achieved. We use a non corrosive non abrasive plant based disinfectant for the disinfecting application.  

Electrostatic Disinfecting

In reality, germs and bacteria spread into hard-to-reach surfaces faster than we can clean them away. In fact, colony-forming units of bacteria and viruses are hiding in many areas that we cannot access with current methodologies and equipment.

Imagine trying to apply a disinfecting solution to all the nooks and crannies that exist in a hospital, including wheelchairs, walkers, beds and other medical equipment. Additionally, let’s take a look at offices, which is another critical cleaning environment. There are a vast number of hard-to-reach areas that are potentially covered in pathogenic bacteria, like keyboards, phones, and desks. Remember that we are disinfecting to have a positive impact on workplace absenteeism as well as the overall health of a facility.

Electrostatic disinfection is the answer that healthcare and public infection control has been waiting for especially in regard to Flu and Covid disinfecting. Electrostatics provide a step that can now effectively augment the current processes that facilities use to protect the public from community based pathogens. For more information Electrostatic disinfecting click here

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   Our Covid-19 / Flu season disinfecting service is efficient but extremely thorough. We are equipped with the latest technology in disinfecting solution dispersal. This is just one more reason that Elite Cleaning is Tulsa's most trusted Flu and Coronavirus disinfecting service. Elite Cleaning has many years of disinfecting experience here in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your Flu or Coronavirus disinfecting service.                   

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